Circles: Abstract - Acrylic on Canvas
George Lois Book
Using the content of an article, I created a small book based on the article.
Celtic Crossing Brochure
Spider McLaren
Custom Vehicle Wrap
Valentines Day Card 2015
My personal Valentines card for 2015
Home: Abstract Leopard Triptych - Acrylic on Canvas
Certified Auto & Light Truck Repair Branding
Logo, Business Card and Sweatshirt Design
Illustration inspired by Picasso.
Rustic Flower Save The Date
Baxter's Bar Specials
Trifold Daily Specials Brochure
Book Cover Design
Jimmy Fallon Magazine Layout
Use a magazine article and create a four page layout.
Kardashian Christmas Card 2014
This was my personal Christmas Card in 2014 after Paper magazine released their Kim Kardashian issue. I thought I would be funny to turn it into my christmas card.
GuyLadoosh Album Art
Painted Original art to create an Album cover
Baxter's Bar Poster/Ad
Using Illustrator, create a building with the perspective tool.
Sink or Swim
Stipple on top of Watercolor
Traveler Magazine Cover
Photo edit and Magazine Cover Design
Mollie's Bachelorette Invitation
Never Cared
Make a poster based on a type of art. I chose psychedelic art and put my own twist on it.
We had to create art for an album cover with an artist or band in mind. I chose the Goo Goo Dolls as my inspiration.
Composite photo with a quote.
Camel Towing: Logo & Custom Wrap Design
Custom logo & vehicle wrap
Quality Moving & Storage: logo & custom wrap design
Logo Desgin
Watercolor Save The Date
My client is having a beach wedding, and asked for an abstract idea of water, as she didn't want the Save the Date to scream, Beach Wedding with sandcastles and starfish.
Sam's Bachelorette Invitation
My friend Sam had a Bachelorette party and I created the invitations.
Parrot Rug Washing & Dyeing Logo
Logo Design
Banana Institute
Create a small ad using the information given.
Kaposia Fresh Bakery Display
Designed a logo the Kaposia Fresh Bakery, along with the labels for the rack and the products.
Pink Ladies Jersey Designs
Designs for the Pink Ladies Softball team (Jerseys, Sweatshirt, tank)
Miley Christmas Card 2013
This was my personal Christmas Card in 2013 after Miley Cyrus' song "Wrecking Ball" came out. I thought it would be funny to do this at the height of its popularity. (This is not my body, I just Photoshopped my head on to Miley's body.)
Baby Shower Invite
Baby Shower Invitation
Coach Drawing
Create an advertisement only using graphite pencil.
Winter Composition
Depict a winter scene by making a photo composite.
Wedding Shower Invitation
Create a wedding shower invitation.
Even Kuehl Massage Center Business System
Create a Business system for Even Kuehl Massage Center
Rustic Wedding Invitation
The client asked for a rustic/vintage Wedding Invitation.
After a critique about a different watercolor portrait, I felt like I needed more practice and painted this.
True Beauty
I felt like drawing, and this came out. I wrote the quote as well.
Using watercolor, paint a portrait of a celebrity. I chose Blondie.
Bridal Shower/Afternoon Tea Invitation
The client ask for a Bridal Shower invitation. She requested that it was to be purple, have a vintage feel, and to state that it was "Afternoon Tea."
Save the Date
A friend and fellow graphic designer was getting married, and was at a loss for inspiration. I came up with my own version to assist in creating ideas.
After a piece of art was moved to another part of the school, It was my assignment to create new art. I could do anything I wanted; this is what I came up with.
LMAFO Typography
Create an illuminated letter.
Halloween Card
Made a Halloween card to send out to friends and family.
Black & Green
Watercolor self portrait.
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